IUH – Frankfort Replacement Hospital

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Location: Frankfort, Indiana

Description: Genesis was initially hired to perform a study of the current hospital systems with the intent to remodel the existing building to house the new healthcare functions proposed for the community of Frankfort. During this process, Genesis provided equipment and system evaluations to determine the viability of utilizing the existing building and its systems to support the new functions required. It became evident that the existing building limitations could not support the new functions required in a cost effective manner. Genesis was able to guide the owner to a more cost effective solution. Genesis was engaged in the design of a new 48,000 square foot critical access hospital. The facility included 9 patient rooms, emergency department, lab, radiology, surgery suite, rehabilitation area and support spaces. Also included in the project was a renovation to an existing building to house the administration staff. Significant efforts were made to keep the project on budget with the engaged contractors on the project. Genesis played a key role in cost saving recommendations to the owner for the MEP systems in the facility.